Our client testimonials.

“Shelley Electric is a very dependable company who gets the project done on time and within budget. Their employees are true craftsman who do it right the first time. Piping & Equipment Company, Inc. looks forward to working with Shelley Electric on projects.

Piping & Equipment Co., Inc.

“Shelley Electric has provided quality electrical work to UCI on projects for many years. We find that they always put forth maximum effort to insure the projects are built to the expectations of the owner within the project schedule and under budget.”


“Grimm Construction, as a general contractor specializing in the construction of wastewater and water treatment facilities, understand that the electrical work associated with these facilities takes a unique electrical contractor. This firm needs to be knowledgeable, schedule oriented, team oriented and at all times keep in mind that the overall goal should be a satisfied customer. Our experience with Shelley Electric is that they are one of the few electrical contractors that we would trust with the electrical scope of work on our plant projects.”

Grimm Construction

“We have used Shelley Electric over the years for both hard bid and design / build projects all with great success. Regardless the type of work, they are great team players with outstanding quality of work. We could not have done some of our most difficult projects without them as part of the team. We always look forward to working with them.”

CAS Construction LLC